VYKON Enterprise Security is a full-featured access control and security application built on the Niagara software platform. The application features an intuitive graphical user interface for managing access control and security that can be tailored for the end user with custom reports and graphics. When the application is hosted on a JACE controller, it offers a complete access control and security solution that integrates with building control systems.

For  larger systems, VYKON Enterprise Security may be hosted on a Supervisor to manage databases and aggregate alarm and history data . This provides a robust distributed network architecture for access control, security, video surveillance and building control which meets the standard for smart building and IoT technologies.

Key advantages

  • Unified graphical tool set for all connected building systems
  • BACnet server for integration with almost any building automation system
  • Scaleable from 2-10,000 doors
  • Robust, distributed architecture
  • Centralized data management and backup
  • Integrated video surveillance
  • Customizable access control functions using Niagara tools
  • Same JACE 8000 hardware platform can be used for both building automation and security
  • Advanced threat level management
  • Seamless integration between access control and building systems
  • Unified user interface for building systems


Database APIIncrease the security of your facility by accurately registering visitors and screening them against government databases before granting access to your facility with visitor management integration, or integrate with other personnel systems for centralized management
LDAP database integrationSynchronize physical and logical access and manage from a single point of entry
Role-based users Control what users view and can access or command
Threat level management Change building access control based on up to 255 different threat levels
Advanced zone management Count people in a zone, set min and max occupancy limits, require a Supervisor and prevent passback
Intrusion zone management Monitor, arm and disarm secured areas
Elevator floor controlIndividual floor access control
Intuitive user interfaceFeaturing context-sensitive help
Web client user interface System access wherever, whenever you need it without additional client licenses
Configurable wiegand formatsSupport for most proximity card formats. Avoid replacing existing credentials when retrofitting systems
Custom reports Information presented in various formats
Custom graphic / map creationCreate custom graphics to provide operators with quick access to critical information
Video system integrationView ad control cameras from the same console as other building functions. Select associated video from the alarm console, or pop-up video when alarms occur
Integrated identity management Print badges, verify identity by comparing photo with video feed
Database import Import data from other access control systems or HR databases to quickly populate the database
Alarm escalationEscalate alarms to remote consoles or email recipients