VYKON offers world-class control solutions for the open Internet of Things.


The VYKON JACE 8000 is an all-new hardware platform optimized for Niagara 4. With an efficient global design this “next-generation” controller will function effectively with legacy systems and has the ability to scale for future needs. It offers enhanced wireless capability when interfacing with wireless sensors and devices. Go to JACE 8000 product sheet.

Niagara Edge 10 is a 10-point IP-based field equipment controller that runs the Niagara Framework® at the edge. By leveraging the Niagara Framework, Niagara Edge 10 offers a single-tool infrastructure, the ability to create smarter, more efficient systems, and world-class security. Learn more about the Edge-10.

Niagara is an open, HTML5-based framework that can connect almost any embedded device or system—regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. It includes a comprehensive graphical tool set that lets you build rich applications in a drag-and-drop environment and easily manage your assets using a standard Web browser. energyIQ (LatiTech’s parent company) has extensive experience in integrating complex, multi-vendor systems around the Niagara framework. Learn more about Niagara framework. 

VYKON Integrated Analytics gives data power by simplifying the implementation of advanced analytic algorithms that will proactively identify problems and provide more contextual information enabling immediate mitigation at the local and enterprise level. Learn more about integrated analytics.

VYKON Enterprise Security is a full-featured access control and security application built on the Niagara software platform. The application features an intuitive graphical user interface for managing access control and security that can be tailored for the end user with  custom reports and graphics. Learn more about VYKON Enterprise Security.