Onyxx-XM34IO – Extender Module


The Onyxx® XM 34IO has 34 IOs and extends the IOs for any device on the Onyxx® network.

The Onyxx ® XM 34IO is part of Lynxspring’s Edge-to Enterprise portfolio of hardware, software and tools designed for today’s buildings, IoT environments, device-to-enterprise integrations and machine-to-machine applications.

Designed to provide maximum performance at minimum cost, it is completely extendable and can be configured to add additional IOs to a Lynxspring JENEsys®Edge™ 534 IoT Controller, JENEsys®Edge™ Controller, the JENE-PC8000 Controller and other third-party Controllers with up to 272 IOs and the JENEsys®Edge™534 with up to 306 IOs.