Onyxx SkySpark Edge Analytics

Onyxx-SkySpark Edge Analytics--FS311

Onyxx®SkySpark® Edge Analytics is an edge data analytics device that enables SkyFoundry SkySpark® Analytics to be done locally at the device level. It is part of Lynxspring’s Onyxx® embedded edge family of modular, open, hardware, bridges and gateways supporting multiple activities across key market segments, edge-to-enterprise and Cloud applications. Onyxx® SkySpark® Edge Analytics is a stand-alone, SkySpark® Everywhere™ embedded device that puts SkySpark®Analytics at the edge allowing users to analyze important data at the edge and gather real-time intelligence. It enables data from BACnet and Modbus to connect locally with SkySpark® Analytics to add data and analytics value at the device level.

Onyxx®SkySpark®Edge Analytics addresses a key challenge in implementing next-generation device-level IoT applications, which disseminate data and computation between edge devices and server/Cloud environments in a unified, distributed system.

It has been designed to run on everything from a small low-cost device, to server clusters hosted in the Cloud. Throughout the architecture, Onyxx®SkySpark®Edge Analytics provides the exact same software architecture, data model, functions and features as the regular SkySpark® Analytics software. There is only one platform to learn and one set of tools to work with. The result of this unified, end-to-end software is faster development, an easy learning curve, and a streamlined, near-seamless user interface across the entire data architecture.

Onyxx® is a registered trademark of Lynxspring, Inc. SkySpark® is a registered trademark and SkySpark®Everywhere™ is a trademark of SkyFoundry, LLC.