LatiTech is now a proud partner of DEOS Controls.

DEOS Controls is a leading innovator in Building Automation Systems. Their highly efficient, environmentally friendly technologies help to conserve resources and reduce CO2 emissions in many countries around the world.

DEOS Controls Americas serves customers throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, and South America. Through our global presence with branches and independently-owned dealers, we offer industry-leading technology with local, on-the-ground service.

DEOS Controls understand that successful projects rely on a mutually trustworthy supplier-customer relationship. That’s why we ensure our products are adaptable to the desires and needs of each of our regional markets, providing customers customizable solutions that share the quality and innovation standards that sets the DEOS Group apart.

DEOS is proud to remain a family-owned operation, with over 50 years of industry-leading excellence behind us. The focus is in building relationships with our customers and driving product innovation, not in outsourcing costs or foreign shareholder interests.